Updated June 15th, 2022

Hi Everyone,

We know that the mask mandate has been lifted publicly, but we are keeping ours in place.  Our vets are no spring chickens, and if they go off sick then patient care will be compromised and that means your fur baby(s) may be put at risk.  We don’t want that!  So we ask that you keep your masks firmly in place in the clinic unless you are just popping in to pick something up.


The Team at Kincardine Veterinary Services.

Updates on COVID-19 Pertaining To You and Your Pet

The following links to a resource we closely follow and monitor, as every post pertains to how COVID-19 affects our relationship with our pets, and how our clinic needs to operate to keep everyone safe.

Worms And Germs Blog - COVID-19

Pet Health Checker

Use Pet Health Checker to help you decide if your pet’s symptoms require immediate attention or if you should continue to monitor those symptoms at home.

Pet Health Checker

Food & Prescriptions

If you require food and/or prescription refills, please use our online request form. We will contact you once your order is ready, and make payment arrangements and to bring the food out to your vehicle.

Order Form

Check Out Our Webstore

If you haven’t already, sign up for our webstore. You can get food and supplies delivered right to your door. There are also discounts and free shipping on auto-orders over $50!


Client Education

Worried about COVID-19 and your pets? Stay up to date on all current facts and figures about what this means for us and our furry family members.

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