Adopting & Rehoming Pets

Adoption is a great alternative when deciding to add a pet to your family. It helps to reduce overpopulation challenges and gives deserving pets a second chance at life by keeping them out of shelters and off the street. We recommend a service called Get Your Pet, which helps connect people looking to adopt a pet with people looking to rehome their pets. Their service takes an innovative approach to overcoming the challenges facing those looking to adopt or rehome a pet, and already overburdened shelters.

Please select the option below that best suits your current needs.

Adoption is an online service that networks many pet rescues into one location so those looking can find a dog needing a home near them. Adoption fees vary by rescue but all information on each of the pets is found there.

Adopt a Pet

Rehoming is an online service that safely connects people who need to rehome their pet with people looking to adopt. Their system of pet adoption keeps pets out of shelters by helping them go directly from one good home to another. The pet owner publishes their pet’s profile on the site, exchanges messages with prospective adopters, and meets any potential candidate in person at a neutral, stress-free location to assess whether or not they are a good fit for their pet. Only after the adopter takes possession of the pet, does the adopter pay Get Your Pet a modest adoption fee.

Rehome Your Pet