We have exciting news!  In an effort to improve access to veterinary care after hours we have teamed with an innovative, new service called Smart.Vet which allows you (our client) to speak to a Registered Veterinary Technician when our clinic is not open.  These specially trained RVTs can work with you to determine whether your pet’s problem can wait until the morning, if a virtual consultation with a veterinarian is needed (during which medication can be prescribed), or if your pet requires immediate in person care through our local on call veterinary network.  To access this amazing service, all you have to do is call our phone number after hours if you have any concerns about your special fur baby, and you will receive help.

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Kincardine Veterinary Services gives you so much more than a very high standard of veterinary care. We give you a compassionate partnership. We take the time and work together with you to provide the best, most loving care for your pet. That’s why caring comes first.

You love them. They love you.
We care about you both.
That’s why we take our jobs so seriously.

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What Our Clients Are Saying...

Very caring vets and staff. We recently moved to the area and we had to put our 16 year old cat down and the staff were patient and kind and explained everything very clearly to us including our options. They were respectful and truly made a sad day so much easier. I will continue to use their services in the future as my mom and grandmother also have used their services for years. Great community vet and I would highly recommend them.

Very friendly staff that really try to make the best experience possible for your pet. My dog is really afraid of vets and they go above and beyond to try to get him comfortable. The level of care is top notch and they take the time to explain everything so that as a pet owner you can make an informed decision.

They are so loving and caring for pets.

Excellent care and excellent staff too!

Called the oncall emergency service Dr Hooper phoned back promptly meet us at the clinic 15 minutes later put my mind at ease. Thoroughly checked over my dog even emailed us the next day great service would recommend bringing your 4 legged family members to Kincardine Veterinary Hospital.

Incredible team who I'd trust with any of my pets, and whom I highly recommend. They deeply care for every animal that walks through their door (and every client) and go above and beyond in all aspects of medicine.

Best care day or night no matter what the issue. Riggs loves to go see his girls at the Vet!! So friendly that he feels at home!

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We promise to work with you to provide the most compassionate, the highest quality, and the most effective care for your pet.

Compassionate Care:
The ability to recognize distress, empathize with it, and act to relieve it.

Highest Quality Care:
Continuous upgrading of knowledge and skills to ensure evidence based, best medicine approach to patient care.

Effective Care = Partnership Care:
Working with pet owners to find the right solution for them and for their pet.